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Tonight's STEEL PANTHER Show Delayed Due To Armed Gunman Possibly Inside The House Of Blues Sunset Blvd.

Steel Panther (2012) Tonight's Steel Panther show has reportedly been delayed following armed robbery next door to the House of Blues Sunset Blvd. Witnesses claimed the gunman ran into the House of Blues on Sunset. Cops were called and the venue has been evacuated and everyone is currently being searched. Early reports indicated that no one was injured, just a ton of police. So far, the show has not been canceled but may be delayed.

Update: People are reporting that KCAL 9 is reporting that Sunset Blvd is closed due to an incident at the House of Blues Sunset.

Update2: Steel Panther show has been delayed. Sunset Blvd is closed still as the suspect has not been found.
Eyewitness staes to The Gauntlet "We were at the HOB and all of the sudden police come in with shotguns. People start to freak and run. We go outside and roadblocks are everywhere. Everyone to be searched."

House of Blues sunset blvd gunman

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    January 22, 2013

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