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English Version Of Black Metal Documentary Released

We are glad to announce that the English version of Attention! Black Metal! has released in the first week of 2013. The 66 minutes long documentary can be watched on the official website and the downloadable version is coming soon. All the versions are free and will not be marketed.
After a short looking out to the story of black metal the movie examines the symphonic black metal genre in a specific viewpoint, from the point of view of the postmodern. It’s an important element of this that it brings together different opinions and doesn’t want to show just “one obligate truth”, doesn’t want to show or interpret just one viewpoint.
The documentary is based on 25 interviews, mostly made with famous and internationally appreciated musicians like Sakis Tolis (ROTTING CHRIST), Mike Gaspar and Fernando Ribeiro (MOONSPELL), Michael Chirva (TVANGESTE), Byron Roberts (BAL-SAGOTH), Nigel and Dylan (HECATE ENTHRONED), Clemens Wijers (CARACH ANGREN), András Nagy (SEAR BLISS). There’s also a unique interview in the movie: with two members of the legendary BISHOP OF HEXEN whose members’ faces have never been seen since the ‘90s, the starting date of the band’s way. Now they revealed themselves exclusively in this documentary. Beside the musicians and some fans other people "from outside" tell their opinions and attitudes about the genre too, including Prof. Dr. Antal Bókay, professor at University of Pécs, Tove Skarstein, Norway Ambassador to Hungary and Attila Gyulai the author of the paper Black Metal ist Krieg.
The Hungarian version will be released at about March and the Russian version follows it. We are checking the possibilities of a Spanish version too because lots of people asked it.

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    January 14, 2013

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