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MACHINE HEAD's Robb Flynn Rants About Being Hit By NY Taxi And Calls Out ALL THAT REMAINS

Machine Head (2007) Machine Head's Robb Flynn called out All That Remains in NYC recently over the band refusing to swap places with the band on the tour. Robb explains "About two days ago we played, and the All That Remains guys asked us to flip-flop with them because their singer got stuck in traffic. And you know, we've been flip-flopping this whole tour, so we were like, "Yeah, man, you know what, it's no big deal, we'll flip flop." Because that's what you do, you look out for your brothers, right? And today, I got hit by a cab, right where I had surgery four weeks ago in my nuts. I got clipped in a hit-and-run. I spent the last four hours in the fucking hospital. And unfortunately I had to fuckin' rush back here — and actually, it is fortunate, because I’m very happy to be standing on this stage — but I had to fucking rush back here because nobody could fucking switch, man, nobody could flip-flop. Because that’s just how it is, I guess that's how it is when you look out for your brothers some of the time. This tour, I'll tell you what, this tour has been so insane."

Check out the rant courtesy of Metal Armada

Update: After posting the above story, Robb Flynn tweeted the following: "Regarding the NYC show and @ATRhq There was a mix up, ATR was willing to switch spots, the club manager stopped it, sorry for the confusion"

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    December 17, 2012

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