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ALL HAIL THE YETI Announce New Drummer

Kicking off just days ago alongside Unida, Los Angeles-based stoner/groove metallers ALL HAIL THE YETI is currently embarked on the recently announced Reconcile For Revenge Tour, the first full trek in support of their self-titled debut full-length, released at the end of August worldwide via AFM Records. The outfit is currently raging across the western half of the country, and has just expanded the tour, adding an additional slew of dates to the brutal trek. See the fully updated itinerary below and expect new updates in the days ahead.

ALL HAIL THE YETI has also confirmed the recent addition of a new drummer following the recent departure of Skylar Feigel. Frontman Connor Garritty released an official statement on the new band member this week: "We are very excited to announce that we have recruited a new drummer. Steve White officially joined the band in early October. His enthusiasm and positivity are a refreshing start to this new chapter of the band. He is an outstanding drummer that brings a whole new element to the table that we never had before. The vibe during rehearsals is better than it has ever been, and we feel very blessed to have found someone with the same goals and drive to succeed that we do. Having fun and being able to create on a brotherhood level has always been important to AHTY. Sometimes artistic relationships are difficult, and seeing eye-to-eye is often very tiring. When creative differences get in the way of progress, at some point someone needs to make a choice. With that being said Skylar decided that it was time to move on from AHTY, to pursue further musical goals. We wish him nothing but the best for his career to come. He will always be one of the family, and we support his decision one hundred percent."

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    November 12, 2012

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