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SUICIDE SILENCE Frontman Was Drunk At Time Of Fatal Crash Says Wife

Mitch Lurker (Suicide Silence) Mitch Lucker's wife says that she begged the frontman not to leave the house before he got on his cherished Harley Davidson motorcycle which led to road accident taking his life on Halloween.

Lucker was seriously injured and was treated at the scene by paramedics. He died shortly after 6 a.m. on Thursday at UC Irvine Medical Center.

"He was an alcoholic, and it's a been a big battle," Mitch's widow, Jolie Carmadella stated. "I tried to stop him. I was in front of him begging him not to leave the house. Begging him. 'Just seriously, for us, don't leave.' And he did. And this is what happened.

"It's a wake-up call. He was an amazing man. He was a wonderful father and a great husband. And now he's gonna miss out on watching Kenadee [daughter] grow, because he decided to drink and ride.

"Just don't. Just think before you guys do something stupid. Please learn from this. Please."

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    November 02, 2012

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