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SISTER SIN Releases New Video

Sister Sin (2010) Swedish heavy metal band SISTER SIN has released a brand new music video for their hit single "End Of The Line" from their forthcoming album Now and Forever, out next Monday, October 22nd! Watch the video below and download the track on iTunes /Amazon.

Filmed at an old nuclear reactor testing facility in Stockholm, Sweden, SISTER SIN blazes through a raw, gritty and powerful performance that has heads banging and bodies moving worldwide to “End Of The Line”. Front women Liv Jagrell shows off her fierceness and delivers an incredible vocal performance throughout the song. Lead guitarist Jimmy Hitula electrifies audiences with highly intense and robust riffs alongside the fast hands of heavy -hitting drummer Dave Sundberg and the lively, energetic bassist Strandh.

Don’t miss your chance to see SISTER SIN LIVE on tour throughout North America beginning February 2nd. They will be rocking out alongside their idol DORO and taking over the world one city at a time.

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    October 15, 2012

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