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EVOCATION to finally release 'Tales from the Tomb' and 'Dead Calm Chaos' on Metal Blade Records

Sweden's Evocation, one of the most influential bands from the early 90s wave of Gothenburg-style death metal bands, is partnering with Metal Blade Records to release two albums from their catalog in North America. Tales from the Tomb, originally released in 2007, and 2008's Dead Calm Chaos will both be available on September 11th, 2012. Neither album has been previously available in North America. Both albums are highly regarded as a return to form, with Tales from the Tomb being the band's first true full-length and release after their now infamous The Ancient Gate demo from 1992. Dead Calm Chaos was also honored with guest appearances from death metal legends Anders Björler (At The Gates / The Haunted) and Dan Swanö (Bloodbath / Edge Of Sanity). Both releases were blessed with exceptionally beautiful artwork made by Dan Seagrave (Entombed, Morbid Angel etc.) for the Tales from the Tomb album, and Travis Smith (Opeth, Katatonia etc.) for the Dead Calm Chaos album.

To pre-order, listen to Angel of Torment, and view the video for Psychosis Warfare, from the album Apocalyptic, head to

"plainly and matter-of-factly putting the pretenders to shame with their bar-setting histrionics."

Illusions of Grandeur Tour 2012
Presented by: METAL HAMMER
28.09.2012 (S) BORAS / X&Y
29.09.2012 (S) SALA / Rockland
01.10.2012 (D) ROSTOCK / Alte Zuckerfabrik
02.10.2012 (D) BERLIN / K17
04.10.2012 (D) TANNHEIM-EGELSEE / Club Schwarzer Adler
05.10.2012 (D) WÜRZBURG / Hell Inside Festival
06.10.2012 (D) DUISBURG / JuZ Mühle

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    August 14, 2012

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