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Motley Crue Fans Name Son After Band

Motley Crue (2008) People will do some pretty crazy things to show their love of a rock band. In Jr. high school, I, like most other metal heads, carved 'Celtic Frost' into my U.S. History textbook and was forced to reimburse the school $35 for my act of fan inspired vandalism. Many other fans will get a tattoo of their favorite band logo to show the love. But it takes a true fan to name your spawn after a band.

That is exactly what the Purvine's in Oregon did when their second son was born. Crue was born just over a month ago to the diehard Motley Crue fans. "We came up with the idea for the name quite by accident", stated Jon. "We were talking to a lady at a local restaurant that noticed my wife's Motley Crue shirt. This lady said if she ever had a son she wanted to name him Motley. We thought that was badass and started talking about it. One thing lead to another and I said what about Crue? That was it, that's all it took! We both loved it and it was settled."

What does the rest of the family think? "My family loves the name. They know how much I have loved the band over the years. My grandma affectionately calls him Motley for short she says."

The happy family is also one of three finalists to win a pair of tickets to see Motley Crue and Kiss at an upcoming show. Every vote counts. They are contestant #3 here.

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    August 07, 2012

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