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Wisconsin Sihk Shooter In Neo-Nazi Punk Metal Band

The man at the center of the Wisconsin shooting yesterday was a member of End Apathy, a neo-nazi punk metal band. End Apathy, of which Wade Michael Page was a member, was a white power group according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Will the media scapegoat heavy metal and punk for the deranged killer's actions and hate crime against the Sikh's? Page was also a missile repairman in the armed forces before becoming a psychological operations specialist. His time in the service was during the first Gulf War. Hopefully the media will look into his service record and not musical tastes. Page's band's myspace page lists bands like Slayer, Iron Maiden, GWAR and Black Sabbath as influences which the media is already focusing on. What they don't realize is every metal band out there lists those iconic metal bands as an influence.

End Apathy was also on Label56, a white supremacist label. He described the goal of his band "to figure out how to end people's apathetic ways" and start "moving forward," stating "The inspiration was based on frustration that we have the potential to accomplish so much more as individuals and a society in whole."

As all metal fans know, metal doesn't breed intolerance, but preaches tolerance. Look at the diverse makeup of the crowd at a metal show. Now compare that to a hip hop crowd, a country crowd, a rock crowd, or a hardcore crowd. I can guarantee that the metal fans are more diverse.

I know some would disagree, but I think it is a shame Page was killed. By ending his life, there won't be a trial and many questions will go unanswered. His picture is also now being prominently displayed on many white power websites calling for him to become a martyr. Either way, at least he won't be able to kill again.

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    August 06, 2012

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