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Concertgoer Dies At Wacken 2012

A young concertgoer was found unconscious yesterday at Wacken Festival. The cause of death has been related to carbon monoxide poisoning.

The 22 year old from Germany was sleeping under a tarp in a car trailer that had an emergency generator running. The exhaust filled the area with the deadly and odorless gas.

Friends of the young man said they found him lifeless and tried to resuscitate him but were unsuccessful. "He must have been dead a bit longer," said the spokesman. , It was unclear where exactly did the young man from southern Germany.

Statement from the emergency medical service:

"At this year's Wacken Open Air festival, a tragic accident took place on the camping ground. As far as is known now, a festival guest laid down on canvas-covered trailer, where he fell asleep. A power generator was also located underneath the cover and running, filling the space between trailer and canvas with poisonous carbon monoxide. As it appears, the person on the trailer was breathing in this gas and consequently died. After approximately two hours, the friends of the deceased went looking and discovered the lifeless body under the canvas on the trailer. Emergency services and doctor were called immediately, but couldn't successfully resuscitate the person.

"The State Attorney has started investigations."

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    August 05, 2012

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