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Trespass America Tour Announces In-Store Signings

God Forbid (2007) VicTorV heads to Milwaukee, WI for their 80th episode to spend the day at the Trespass America Festival with GOD FORBID and EMMURE. In this episode (see below), fans get an up close and personal glimpse of all the excitement on and off stage and what can be expected nightly. Watch VicTorV Episode #80 and find out why the Trespass America Festival is a "monumental, epic and fucking amazing tour" as stated by GOD FORBID’s Doc Coyle. VicTorV is the only in-house, record label produced, monthly video program and best of all, it’s FREE! YOUR LABEL - YOUR MUSIC!

You had the chance to see the bands in action, now is your chance to meet them in person! GOD FORBID’s Doc Coyle and Matt Wicklund along with EMMURE’s Jesse Ketive and Mike Muholland, will be participating in two in-store signing sessions at Guitar Center. The first will be on August 10 in Portland, Maine and the second will be on August 14 in Pittsburgh, PA. Fans will get the chance to talk, take pictures and have the opportunity to get ANYTHING signed by the guitarists.

Talk to members of GOD FORBID:

- Doc Coyle, Guitar/ Vocals
- Matt Wicklund, Guitar
- Byron Davis, Vocals
- Corey Pierce, Drums
- John Outcalt, Bass

Talk to members of EMMURE:
- Jesse Ketive, Guitar
- Mike Mullohand, Guitar
- Frankie Palmeri, Vocals
- Mark Davis, Bass
- Mark Castillo, Drums

WHEN: In-Store Signings:
August 10th 1:00pm – 2:30pm
August 14th 1:00pm – 2:30pm

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    July 24, 2012

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