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Finally Some Closure In The Tommy Vext vs Dino Cazares Feud

Divine Heresy Jo Schüftan of Horns Up Rocks! recently spoke with Vext frontman Tommy Vext. You might remember that following the onstage fight with Dino Cazares, Vext called up The Gauntlet for a impromptu interview to get some things off his chest. Following that, Dino and Tommy ran into each other backstage at Mayhem Fest and again we broke the story. When asked about the shit that went down with Divine Heresy/Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares in 2008, Vext stated:

"In respect to Tim [Yeung, then-DIVINE HERESY drummer] and Joe [Payne, then-DIVINE HERESY bassist], we've already talked years ago. It was never really like a beef thing or anything. It's just kind of unfortunate what happened. I called Dino once or twice. We really don't see eye-to-eye. There are a lot of things that I disagreed with. He's really hard-headed, I'm really hard-headed; we're both Latino. It's just really unfortunate. I learned a lot from that guy. He's an amazing guitar player. And at the end of the day, we just didn't fit. It sucks that everything unfolded the way that it did when it could have been like a handshake and, like, 'Let's not work together anymore,' which is what I wish would have happened. That's kind of the only thing I regret — that we didn't handle it better, like gentlemen. [Addressing Dino directly] So I'm sorry, buddy. But your last two FEAR FACTORY records were really good, so good for you. [laughs]"

VEXT's debut EP, "Impermanence", is scheduled for release on July 3.

"Impermanence" track listing:

01. Exit Wounds
02. In The End
03. Crush
04. Hourglass

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    June 27, 2012

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