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Gene Hoglan To Join TESTAMENT On European Tour

Testament (2012) Due to the cancelation this morning of the Lamb of God and Dethklok tour, Gene Hoglan is now available to join Testament on drums. Alex Skolnick explained, "So we find out Gene is available now (due to last-minute LAMB OF GOD/DETHKLOK tour cancellation). Calls were made and it's worked out: Gene is coming.

"Mark Hernandez took it very well; total pro! Agreed it's best to have Gene if he's now available. But [the] guys [in TESTAMENT] didn't tell me!!

"So I show up [to rehearsal] and they tell me [Mark] doesn't know and ask me to break the news to him. I take him outside and tell him. He acts devastated! Eric [Peterson, guitar] films it from afar. I told him please not to take it hard, it's just like being an understudy on Broadway! He tells me he's crushed, he's been working so hard, etc. And then, I said a line that everyone's now quoting and probably will for years. That's when they all came out and everyone started laughing.

"The quote of the year... Here's what I said, while looking this dude straight in the eye: 'It sucks to be the understudy.'"

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    July 26, 2012

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