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LIT Frontman's Bar Called In False Police Report About Homeless Man Who Was Later Beaten To Death By Cops In Fullerton

A lawsuit has been filed against the Fullerton Slidebar's rock owner Jeremy Popoff. The Lit guitarist and night manager allegedly called police to shoo away homeless man. The lawsuit claims that the bar stated to police that Kelly Thoms was breaking into cars on the venues property.

Thomas was later beaten to death by the cops who are now on trial for murder and manslaughter.

The $4 million lawsuit names Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Kitchen owner saying that he was "obsessed with Slidebar's image." the suit was filed by a recently terminated bouncer after he objected to the phonecalls to 911 by the night manager.

The suit alleges that the bar's mantra that Slidebar had "nothing to do" with the events of July 5 is wrong:

The false police report came from JEANETTE DeMARCO, a manager at SLIDEBAR, who was following the instructions given to her and all other SLIDEBAR managers by SLIDEBAR's owner, JEREMY POPOFF, to call the police and do anything necessary to get Kelly Thomas away from SLIDEBAR. MR. REEVES saw and heard JEANETTE DeMARCO's false call to the Police Dispatcher, and when MR. REEVES refused to adopt SLIDEBAR's false mantra - "SLIDEBAR had nothing to do with Kelly Thomas's death" - his employment as SLIDEBAR was unlawfully terminated.

Popoff denies the claims and is considering a countersuit.

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    June 12, 2012

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