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Video footage of Dave Mustaine Being Pelted By Rocks At Metal Fest Croatia

Megadeth (2011) As The Gauntlet was the first to report, Megadeth left the stage early due to band members, mainly Dave Mustaine, taking a barrage of bottles and rocks while performing. You can check out the fan-filmed footage below of the attack. The final rock hits Dave at the 9:50 mark.

Rumor at the event was Dave Mustaine got into an argument with Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P. resulting in W.A.S.P. dropping off the bill last minute. This has yet to be confirmed and doesn't sound all that plausible as W.A.S.P. was already at the show, why would they split. Plus the fact that frontman Blackie Lawless is a born-again christian like Mustaine. My guess is they even shared favorite bible versus backstage. Or maybe it is true and Mustaine has in the contract that only one band can be religious zealots on the headlining stage. What really happened was Megadeth made a request the day of the event to play earlier to get a early jump on their next festival date. The promoters agreed which shifted W.A.S.P.'s timeslot to an earlier position. Blackie Lawless made the decision to pullout of the show rather than play earlier to accomodate Megadeth.

Upon hearing that W.A.S.P. pulled out, fans were pissed and let Mustaine know it with the bottle and rock attack followed by the inevitable stage hand trying to calm the crowd down while being booed himself.

"What do you mean Megadeth isn't coming back to be abused by us some more!?!"

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    June 07, 2012

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