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ALL SHALL PERISH Fans Who Pirated Bands Music To Be Revealed Despite Bands Objections

All Shall Perish (2011) Despite objections from All Shall Perish members and management, the identities of nearly 80 alleged fans who shared All Shall Perish music will be handed over to a Panamanian based copyright company.

Last month, All Shall Perish was shocked to learn that they were involved in a copyright lawsuit seeking to sue illegal pirating of the bands music. The band and management objected and assured fans they have nothing to do with the lawsuits. This was of little consolation as the fans were still facing still penalties and fines if convicted. It turns out that All Shall Perish's label sold the bands world-wide copyright to Panamanian copyright troll World Digital Rights without the bands knowledge. The company, like many others, make their money not through licensing artists works, but by suing fans and extorting money through threat of legal action.

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    May 20, 2012

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