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CHIMAIRA's Mark Hunter Begins His Journey As A Birther

mark hunter chimaira I am a hardcore Chimaira fan. I have stuck by this band even as all the members seemingly ran for the hills. I befriended Mark Hunter, the frontman and only remaining original member of Chimaira, on Facebook recently. Mark is a total ranter; he prattles on about food, the music biz and pot just about everyday. I really dig the way his mind works. He seems like a very intelligent and rational thinking guy. But he fucked up that whole persona this past week when he took the Dave Mustaine path to dumbassville after he posted this link from the website that was once run by the late conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart.

Mark states on his facebook feed, "It's odd that so many theorized Kenya as the birthplace and were called crazy birthers, then this comes out." The article states right from the start that Breitbart was NEVER a crazy "Birther". It also goes on to say, "It is evidence--not of the President's foreign origin, but that Barack Obama's public persona has perhaps been presented differently at different times."

Even the writers for this site know better than to say that Obama is not a US born citizen. They know that stating that, somehow Obama got to slip past 1 of 2 rules to become president as stated in Article II Section 1 of the US Constitution, is ridiculous and pointless.

Of all the failings one could attribute to Obama’s presidency, using the Birther nonsense makes you appear a bit brainwashed and idiotic. I am and will always be a loyal Chimaira fan, but I will never let my love for a band cause me to be a blind follower. Musicians should stick to things they know.

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    May 19, 2012

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