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SUICIDAL ANGELS Warn Fans About "Cheap Imitations" of 2007 Album

Greek old school thrashers SUICIDAL ANGELS have issued the following update:

"After lots of complaints from friends and fans about fake copies of our debut album Eternal Domination (2007) being sold over the Internet, we decided to look into it. In fact, most of the stuff we heard was about purchasing the album from Amazon, from the link below in particular. We want to let everyone know that this is NOT an official release and in absolutely NO WAY approved by us. We are sorry for everyone who bought this cheap imitation expecting the real deal, but word to the wise: watch your step! Eternal Domination will be officially re-released on June 1st, 5 years after it came out and for the first time ever, in vinyl!"

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    April 22, 2012

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