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U.D.O. Release Tracklisting For Celebrator

U.D.O. German metallers U.D.O., led by former ACCEPT frontman Udo Dirkschneider, will release a rare tracks album entitled Celebrator - Rare Tracks, and will be released May 4th via AFM Records as a limited edition two-CD digi box. Check out the tracklisting below:

CD 1:
U.D.O. – ‘Stormbreaker’ (Rev-Raptor Japan Bonus)
U.D.O. – ‘Tallyman’ (Taken from the Rev-Raptor recording session)
U.D.O. – ‘Run!’ (Remix)
U.D.O. – ‘Free Or Rebellion’ (Bonus Leatherhead single)
U.D.O. – ‘Bleeding Heart’ (Dominator" Japan bonus)
U.D.O. – ‘The Silencer’ (taken from the Dominator recording session)
U.D.O. – ‘Bodyworld’ (Bonus Infected single)
U.D.O. – ‘Systematic Madness’ (Bonus Infected single)
HAMMERFALL featuring Udo Dirkschneider – ‘Head Over Heels’
U.D.O. – ‘Balls To The Wall’ (Piano Version)
U.D.O. – ‘Artificialized’ (taken from the Mastercutor recording session)
LORDI featuring Udo Dirkschneider – ‘They Only Come Out At Night’
U.D.O. – ‘Streets Of Sin’ (Bonus Wrong Side Of Midnight single)

CD 2:
U.D.O. –‘Tears Of A Clown’ (Classical Version)
U.D.O. – ‘Man A King Ruler’ (Mastercutor Japan Bonus)
U.D.O. – ‘Hardcore Lover’ (Remix from 24/7 single)
U.D.O. – ‘Scream Killers’ (Bonus 24/7 single)
U.D.O. feat. Faktor2 - Platchet Soldat (Remix with national Russian artist)
U.D.O. – ‘Borderline’ (Thunderball Japan Bonus)
U.D.O. featuring DORO – ‘Dancing With An Angel’ (Remix)
U.D.O. – ‘X-T-C’ (Remix from A Tribute To ACCEPT Vol. 2)
U.D.O. – ‘Azrael’ (Remix from No Limits)
U.D.O. – ‘The Key’ (Remix from No Limits Japan Bonus)
U.D.O. – ‘Metal Gods’ (from A Tribute To Judas Priest)
RAVEN featuring Udo Dirkschneider – ‘Born To Be Wild’

U.D.O. recently issued the following update on their forthcoming live DVD release: "Stefan (Kaufmann, guitar) is working on the DVD, Rev-Raptor Tour, Live from Sofia, which will be released in August/September 2012. It's a lot of work for him to do since the band played nearly 150 minutes and we want to show you every single second."

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    April 02, 2012

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