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Goatwhore - "Blood for the Master" (album review)

Goatwhore While listening to Blood for the Master all my mind could think was more of the same. But, with
this album this is definitely a good thing. Their previous album, Carving out the Eyes of God, was a
success and the same sound and attitude is carried over. The band was even quoted as to working quite
hard to obtain that type of sound again. They certainly have obtained this sound and pushed it to the upper limits. Blood for the Master is a strong continuation and refinement of the Goatwhore sound from Carving out the Eyes of God. While you won't be finding anything drastic here this release is no slouch.

At first listen the aural experience was exciting, blood driving and intense. While there was a
slight melding together of songs and sound it really helps bring together the album. The slight breakup
of the incessant riffing comes with Embodiment of this Bitter Chaos. It has a slight instrumental intro
that then goes right back to heavy riffing and the Goatwhore we know and love. What is also important
to note is how the album really has no true standout. Personally I found myself remembering more parts
of songs rather than a song as a whole.

In the end, the track that really is most memorable is Beyond the Spell of Discontent. This track
embodies to the fullest not only the album but the sound of the band at the moment. The prominent
riffing and breakups really step this song up to show what Goatwhore is capable of. While stated be As
a whole Blood for the Master does nothing drastic but brings a strong release from Goatwhore into the
fray of albums currently.

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    February 15, 2012

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