MOTLEY CRUE Gets Third Day Named After Them

Motley Crue (2008) As of tomorrow, Motley Crue will have 3 days named in their honor. In 2008, The Los Angeles City Council named July 31st Saints of Los Angeles Day in honor of Motley Crue's new album that coincidentally has the same name. Then during the Sunset Music Fest, Motley Crue was honored with the Elmer Valentine Award and August 20th was named Motley Crue Day.

With Motley Crue's upcoming residency in Las Vegas, the band is at it again and have coerced the Vegas mayor's office into naming February 3 Motley Crue Day.

This isn't surprising as the band has been going to great lengths to sell out the 12 night residency. They have done the usual press, then each member of the band floated rumors that the band was going to break up after the Vegas run, and now a day in their honor. Personally I think Vince needs another DUI conviction or kill another member of Hanoi Rocks, then maybe i'll buy a ticket.

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Date: Feb 02, 2012
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