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Black metal documentary "Out of the Black" to be Released for Free on the Web

The producers of the long awaited Black metal documentary titled "Out of the Black" have decided to release the long overdue film for free on the Web in the next 4 weeks. Executive Producer Will Shackleford said "This thing has taken way too long to complete. We have had financial difficulties, technical difficulties, alleged theft of key parts of the film, inter-genre conflicts and on and on and on... Anything and everything imaginable has been thrown at us during the filming of this documentary. So we have decided to release the film for free. We are currently working out the fine details of the release and should announce our plans in the next few days."

The film will feature; Simon "Pilgrim Beastarius" Rosén of Crimson Moonlight, Grim Vindkall of Domgård, Dr. Thomas Bossius (Black metal expert), Dr. Brain Kirkmeyer (U.S. Metal expert), HansFurste of Svarttjern, Morbid of Death of Desire, former Eyes of Noctum frontman Weston Cage now of Death of Desire, Alex Webster, Paul Mazurkiewicz and George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher of Cannibal Corpse and many more.

Shackelford added; "I think we have made a true underground film about Black metal with opinions derived from people in the scene. We wanted this film to be based on the opinions of the musicians in Black metal and Death metal, we feel we have accomplished that and to keep it underground we have decided to release it for free."

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    January 30, 2012

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