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The Gauntlet to go dark to protest SOPA/PIPA tomorrow

As I announced last week via twitter, The Gauntlet will be going dark tomorrow to protest SOPA/PIPA legislation. Any bill that threatens a free internet should be squashed and the bills sponsors boycotted. Three weeks ago, The Gauntlet left GoDaddy over their support of SOPA.

Don't be fooled with the 'shelving of SOPA'. The Patriot Act was shelved for several months before it was finally passed. PIPA is still moving full speed through the Senate and will be voted on a week from today (Jan 24).

Hopefully my peer websites will join us in going dark, but as of this posting, only Metal Archives have committed to this. Tomorrow we will see which sites are talk and which actually strive to make a difference for a free internet.

If you are unclear why SOPA/PIPA are bad for the internet, The Gauntlet, musicians, and freedom, please read this article at the Electronic Frontier Foundation's website.

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    January 17, 2012

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