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RAMMSTEIN - Made in Germany Review

Rammstein (2011) Let's say you ask me, "Brandy, I've heard this Rammstein band is kick ass… which album would you recommend?" I would have a hard time giving you a solid answer. I would mumble on about how each album is phenomenal and how you have to listen to them all starting with 'Mutter' (my favorite). Then I would have to offer to make a CD for you of my favorite songs from my entire collection of albums and THIS, my friends, would be 'Made In Germany' the newly released compilations CD from Rammstein.

Now for those super fans, let me point out that this album is NOT a "greatest hits". This is more akin to
a full example of the depth and range this band has encompassed over the last 15 years. You get to hear
solid favorites like "Du Hast" and "Mein Teil" but they leave out some fan favorites like "Ich Tu Dir Weh"
or "Benzin". One of the highlights for me is the new song, "Mein Land"; total ass kicking, hyper energized
and catchy tune (the video is fucking GREAT too!). The re-mastering is subtle in my opinion and seems to
only add to the tremendous sound that the songs already had.

This album has a second CD which contains some interesting remixes. I like that they are not duplicates but industrial remixes that, at times, turn these tunes into whole new songs. The remix of "Pussy
(Scooter remix)"... that's the song you want to fucking dance to! It's one of those hot and sweaty jams, I
hope they play it live like that. Rammlied (Devin Townsend remix) is probably the most interesting song
remix, ever. Who would have thought I would be jamming out to a song with fucking fart noises and tuba mixed

Whether you are a fan or looking to see what this German musical power house is all about, you have
to get 'Made in Germany'. It's a solid collection and will amaze the fuck out of you! Make sure to go see
them live this spring and summer!

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    January 11, 2012

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