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EXHUMED Announce Grind Over Europe Tour 2012

Exhumed (2011) Following their first ever trek through Brazil with Aborted, California goregrind ministers EXHUMED will spray their blood overseas next month on the Grind Over Europe Tour 2012. Set to kick off on February 24 in Barcelona, Spain, the band will mercilessly tear through 16 cities. Speakers will blow, ears will bleed, villages will crumble. You have been warned. The band will be joined by label-mates Rotten Sound and Magrudergrind.

Comments vocalist/guitarist Matt Harvey: "We're fully chuffed to have an opportunity to Grind Over Europe with a couple of our favorite bands: Rotten Sound and Magrudergrind! If you don't like blastbeats, manic energy, beer, stage-diving, rhino charges, swinging thumbjumps or Scott Carlson bass grinds, do yourself a favor and stay the fuck home! This tour, in addition to being a screaming whirlwind holocaust, will single handedly bring the phrase 'play fast or die!' back en vogue. We're psyched to get to hit a few countries for the first time on this tour, as well as dust off some old and particularly short, fast, and loud numbers for the set. Our very first tour in '97 was the Grind Over Europe II tour with Hemdale and Nyctophobic, so whoever said 'you can't go home again' is obviously full of shit! Bring your studded vests, dreadlocks, Agathocles split EPs, and worn out old Napalm Death shirts on down to the show and let's tear some shit apart! Cheers!"

EXHUMED w/ Aborted
02/16/2012 Beco - Porto Alegre, RS
2/17/2012 Music Hall - Belo Horizonte, MG
2/18/2012 Hangar 110 - São Paulo, SP
2/19/2012 Hangar Bar - Curitiba, PR
2/20/2012 Armazém do Café - Catanduva/SP

EXHUMED Grind Over Europe Tour 2012
w/ Rotten Sound, Magrudergrind
02/24/2012 Estraperlo Club - Barcelona, Spain
02/25/2012 TBA Spain
02/26/2012 Sala Jala Jala - Almería, Spain
02/27/2012 Revolver Bar - Lisbon, Portugal
02/28/2012 Hard Club - Porto, Portugal
02/29/2012 Sala Heaven - Santander, Spain
03/01/2012 Salle Des Fêtes De Labège - Toulouse, France
03/02/2012 Kulturwerk 118 - Sursee, Switzerland
03/03/2012 Les Caves Du Manoir - Martigny, Switzerland
03/04/2012 Lo Fi Club - Milano, Italy
03/05/2012 Mochvara - Zagreb, Croatia
03/06/2012 Dürer Kert - Budapest, Hungary
03/07/2012 Euphoria Music Hall - Cluj-Napoca, Romania
03/08/2012 Nova Pekaren - Nitra, Slovakia
03/09/2012 Black Pes - Prague, Czech Rep
03/10/2012 Barrak Music Club - Ostrava, Czech Rep

EXHUMED will be touring in support of All Guts, No Glory, issued earlier this year via Relapse Records. The band's first new record in almost eight years offers up 11 slaughter-filled tracts of soul-raping, grind-infused death metal.

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    January 07, 2012

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