Jerry Montano Files Restraining Order Against One-Night Stand

It looks like Jerry Montano is up to is old games again. According to TMZ, the former Danzig and The Deadlights bassist hooked up with a groupie he met on Facebook named Priscilla Caputo (see image below).

He claims he met Caputo on December 5 when "she came to my place around 4 AM and stayed the night."

Montano says Caputo spent another night at his house on December 11. Two days later, Montano claims he turned down Caputo's offer to hang out again ... which he says caused her to "freak out."

Montano claims she sent him harassing texts all night and eventually showed up at his place -- when he wasn't there -- and after one of his roommates let her in, Montano claims she kicked in his bedroom door and "trashed the place."

Montano says he filed a police report and when he told Caputo about it, he claims she replied by saying if he filed charges against her, she would tell the cops he raped her.

Priscilla will be featured in an upcoming Megadeth video too so look out for that.

priscilla caputa

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Date: Jan 02, 2012
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