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Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles Interviews

The Gauntlet: Are you guys still an Atlanta based band?

Dick D: I’m in Los Angeles, they are in Atlanta. I’m here, they are there.

The Gauntlet: Is it a band where you guys need a lot of distance between the members?

Dick D: It is a long distance relationship as we’d beat the crap out of each other. We have restraining orders against each other.

The Gauntlet: Is the band officially back together?

Dick D: It is looking that way.

Hugh G Rection (Scott): We actually have more going on now than we ever have. It seems like a lot of the pieces just came together.

Dick D: We were always way before our time and now the idiots are catching up with us. We will probably put out this record then break up for another 20 years. By then we will be pushing 80. We will bring geriatric rock in.

The Gauntlet: Where was the album recorded?

Scott: Everywhere. We recorded some in Atlanta, some in Kentucky, and some in California.

The Gauntlet: Kentucky?

Dick D: Our other guitar player Ruyter [Suys] was recording with her other band [Nashville Pussy] and we took some of the tracks up there and did some vocals and keyboards up there and it turned out pretty cool.

The Gauntlet: Is she an official member of the band?

Scott: Yeah, it is official. She is a Tasty Testicle now. I think she is more a palatable pussy than a Tasty Testicle.

The Gauntlet: Will she get a stage name?

Dick D: Yeah, I kinda like Constance X or Ophilia Balls but she doesn’t want to go with that. Maybe Ophilia Boner will work.

Scott: We are still kicking around names a little bit.

Dick D: We are trying to convince our drummer to use the name Dicks In My Ass but he doesn’t want to use that.

Scott: I am not sure why. Why would he be opposed to that.

The Gauntlet: I take it you guys aren’t fans of The Black Eyed Peas.

Scott: I wish they would just disappear.

The Gauntlet: I think after the Super Bowl they wanted to disappear also.

Dick D: Did you get a chance to see the video I made for our first single “I Want to Kill the Black Eyed Peas”?

The Gauntlet: Yes. Whose idea was it for the song?

Dick D: I think it was my idea for the song, then Scott wrote the lyrics and I wrote most of the riffs. I don’t pay attention to sports at all, but someone told me that The Black Eyed Peas were playing the Super Bowl. I sat there one night and smoke a quarter of pot and took six Adderall. I had never used video editing software before either but I just banged that out.

Scott: If they had actually been good, there might not have been people paying attention to our video, but the general consensus is that they just blew chunks. Everybody loves the video.

Dick D: I thought it was kinda ironic how they lowered Usher to the stage in chains during Black History Month.

Scott: A noose would have been better for that fucker.

The Gauntlet: Will you be putting the album out yourselves like with previous works?

Dick D: We were kinda thinking of putting it out ourselves, but I think we are going to shop it around a little and see if a label will put it out. It would be nice to have a label.

Scott: Yeah, after 20 years of being a band, it would be nice to have somebody put us out.

The Gauntlet: So does that mean you guys dropped yourself from your own label?

Dick D: Yeah, we were the first band we let go from the label.

The Gauntlet: that has to be a blow to the ego.

Dick D: It hurts, but we are going to make it through.

The Gauntlet: How many songs are on the album?

Dick D: The album is like an hour and twenty minutes long.

Scott: We have forty tracks now, but only twenty are actual songs. The rest are funny skits.

Dick D: In my opinion, this is our best album.

Scott: Bands are always saying that though and then when they put it out, it totally sucks. In this case, I think it is the best thing we have done. We actually learned how to sing for this record instead of screaming a bunch of obscenities into the mic.

The Gauntlet: How long has the album been in the works?

Dick D: We started recording it about this time last year.

Scott: We got offered to play a live show at The Claremont in Atlanta. If you don’t know about it, it is a strip bar, but the worst strip bar in the world. It is where all the fat, ugly, and nasty strippers go when they hit 500 pounds or get too old.

Dick D: It is like the old folks home for strippers. The place was condemned so we figured it was the last time we’d get to play there. I flew all the way out from California. We rehearsed for a couple days. In the month or so leading up to the show, we had something like thirty songs already written from before the band broke up. We just started kicking around the idea of doing another record. I showed up in Atlanta on Tuesday and we rehearsed a little bit for the show. We have been doing it for so long that we don’t need to practice. When you see us live, it shows. Usually I’ll have a song or Scott will have a song. I sent them a disc with demos and as usual they didn’t really listen to them.

Scott: I already knew them. I didn’t need to listen to them, or at least I thought I knew them anyway.

Dick D: We played that show so out of tune and no one noticed. On each album we tune to a different pitch. On the first album it was A standard, then down half step, then a full step by the third album. Before the show, Scott asked what key we were going to tune to. I said down a step but I meant down a half step. Scott tuned down a full step and I was down a half step. I kept noticing things didn’t sound right so we tuned it by ear. Then when the song was over, Scott would take his bass and tune it back out of tune.

Scott: I’d go get my tuner and go back out. All the guitar geeks at the show didn't notice. Not one person. We have a really hardcore drinking crowd. It just all sounds good the drunker you get.

The Gauntlet: There are a lot of guest musicians on the album.

Scott: We have Brent Hinds, Troy and Bill from Mastodon on a bunch of songs. Kevin Sharp from Brutal Truth sings on a couple of songs too. Who knows, maybe we’ll get them to join and we’ll have like twenty people on stage.

The Gauntlet: A super group?

Scott: Yeah, but we’d probably super suck too.

Dick D: We were going to get Braun from Mastodon to do something on the album but we ran out of time. We had to go to California to mix it. All the guest musician stuff was done in Atlanta. They were all our friends from Atlanta and we have known them forever. We thought it would be cool to have all our friends come together and play on this album.

Scott: Plus it is a giant boost for their career to be playing with us. Mastodon is going to blow up and be huge once this album comes out. One of my favorite parts about the album is hearing Me, Ryuter, and Brent play solos. It is killer

The Gauntlet: How did it come about having Ruyter from Nashville Pussy join the band?

Scott: As we were recording, she heard the demos and I would get drunk text messages from her saying she wanted to join the band. We never thought she was serious.

Dick D: After we recorded a bunch of parts in Los Angeles and I was back in Atlanta, we went to go see Slayer and we were listening to the songs.

Scott: After three songs, she was saying she wanted to be in the band. We told her if she was serious she was in the band.

Dick D: We recorded eighteen songs and after that we felt really good. We jumped around a bit with the style we played and we felt we needed a little more metal stylistically. We went and recorded five more songs that were metalled out. Ruyter came in every single day and showed she was committed to it. She even came out to California to mix. The album is done, the artwork is done. Ruyter wants us to take it to a label now. We are going to see what happens for a while. This album has something to offend everyone.

Scott: We pretty much hit every subject.

Dick D: We have little skits. It is meant to be listened to as a concept album. A lot of the jokes correspond to jokes in other songs. The more weed I smoked, the more ambitious I got with it. We took an extra three to four days adding the funny in.

Scott: We introduced two new characters on this album. We have Sean Coonery who is a black crackhead character There is also an oppressive white man who is trying to keep the black man down.

The Gauntlet: When are you looking to release this?

Dick D: If it was up to me it would be out now. But Ruyter thinks it is really good and we should bring it to a label. The other day I dropped our package off at Sony Records and a big time music lawyer. We have never been able to do that until we had her in the band.

Scott: We are just too cerebral for most people.

The Gauntlet: I am shocked you haven’t been signed yet with songs like "The Odor of the Floater".

Dick D: That is about taking a poop and not being able to flush it down.

Scott: Which is something that happens a lot with us.

Dick D: That song is our homage to Iron Maiden. We wanted to do an epic seven minute song about poop.

Scott: One time I went to the bathroom after one of his girlfriends and she left a floater with chunks of corn inside it. This album is offensive to coke dealers. We should have a warning on the CD stating "This album is offensive to homosexuals, Jews, coke dealers, Mexicans...especially the Black Eye Peas."

Dick D: We take so many shots at them that I hope they stay relevant for at least another year.

Scott: A long time ago we did a song called “Lets Kill the Cranberries”. We can’t even play that song as no one remembers who they were.

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    February 19, 2011

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