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The Gauntlet: How is everything with you?

Luna: Things are going very well. The album has been out in Europe for a few days now. It is very strange to finally see your album in all the stores. It is certainly a peculiar feeling. In the States, it is not coming out until Aug 19 I think.

The Gauntlet: With the last album, you released a video.

Luna: We were planning on it but it got a bit too expensive in the studio so we donít have much for the video. We are planning to do a live video and will do our first live show and put in footage from that and make a fake live song maybe. I think it is important to have a video. Videos arenít just for TV anymore, they are also on the net and Myspace. People are more into that now and I think it is important to allow people to see us there and just hear us. If we did a video, I think it would be along the same lines, cars and girls.

The Gauntlet: Where you in the studio for a long time?

Luna: We didnít spend much time in the studio. We rehearsed our asses off before we got into the studio. When we got to the recording, we pretty much did everything in the first take. It was a great start on the album to be prepared and not scratching our heads not knowing what to do. We didnít use more than seven days to record the album.

The Gauntlet: Does this contrast with the studio preparedness of Ashes to Ashes?

Luna: Yeah. It is pretty much the opposite. We were in the studio with Ashes to Ashes and it is much more complicated to put all the layers on. Some of the songs are over 10 minutes and have various instruments and themes. It is completely different. With Chrome Division, we go in, plug in, and burst it out. It is basically straight forward. We like to get as much live feeling with Chrome [Division] as we can.

The Gauntlet: Whose idea was it to cover ZZ Top?

Luna: It was my idea. I was out driving my car. I think it is very suitable to drive and listen to ZZ Top. It struck me on how this old song was yet still modern and powerfully impacting. We decided to try it out at rehearsal. We sped up the tempo a little bit and repeated the chorus to make it a little catchier. I wanted to keep it close to the original and yet keep it our version. It came out really well and we put it on the album. I think it helps make the album more balanced and more interesting. You listen to the album all the way through and then the ZZ Top song comes on and it is something you already have heard before yet not in that way. I have been a ZZ Top fan for a long time. They were my first concert when I was 14; it just blew me away. I have always listened to ZZ Top though.

The Gauntlet: Was their recent induction into the Rock Hall of Fame a catalyst for putting them on the album?

Luna: No because for me they have always been there for me. Regardless of what is happening in the world, they have always been lying in the back of my head.

The Gauntlet: ZZ Topís ďSharp Dressed ManĒ has been covered by a lot of bands.

Luna: Yeah, I have heard of a lot of these versions, but at the same time when we did our version, it was important to sound like us. If we didnít succeed with a good version, we wouldnít have put it out. There have been some cool versions, but I donít think they all got the power of the chorus.

The Gauntlet: Is the biker image that Chrome Division portrays real?

Luna: Well, umm, I am supposed to say we have all our choppers in the garage, but that is a lie. The funny thing is, we share our rehearsal place with the oldest bikers club in Norway. It is a gang of really cool old guys with their bikes. If you see in the booklet from our album, a lot of the images are of their bikes and the club. We are very close to that environment and like the image. It fits our music really well. I think in the near future we will have bikes. Probably not till we hit our midlife crisis. Most of us have families and bikes arenít the best family vehicle.

The Gauntlet: Is it difficult being in a band where the main guy [Shagrath Ė Dimmu Borgir] in the band considers Chrome Division as just a side project?

Luna: It is a bit strange. When I am involved in a band, I have to make everyone else who is in it act as much as I am in it. You need to have that unity to function. There is one thing about Shagrath; he is 100% with us. He really loves this music and loves what we do. With Dimmu Borgir, it is more than just another band; it is a really big band. You have to consider that as his first priority. I understand that. It is a bit strange when we have to see what Dimmu Borgir is doing anything to see if we can do anything. That is the price we pay though. Shagrath and I found the members in this band and we all understand this is how it is going to be.

The Gauntlet: Do you feel you might be missing a lot of opportunities not being able to tour or really get out there to promote?

Luna: Yeah, of course. We talk about it and it is a big goal for us to come out and play in Europe and the United States. We have some loose plans to come out but we donít know when. I know there has been some talk about a small tour in the U.S. with a band in the Fall. They are a band that tours a lot. Those are the opportunities we need to take care of if we want people to hear the album. The music is so fitted to the stage and the clubs. It is great live music and I look forward to playing it live.

The Gauntlet: Chrome Division feeds more off sexual energy than Ashes to Ashes. When you do play live, do you get more women to the shows than playing with Ashes to Ashes?

Luna: I donít know. If you listen to the lyrics, Chrome Division is 80% about girls and relationships and more sexy girls. I think most people that have heard Chrome Division really like it and hopefully a lot of girls take this as an invitation to come to our shows and get up on stage. It differs from place to place, but sometimes girls get up on stage and rock with us. I like that energy and the impact with the audience.

The Gauntlet: I keep reading magazine articles that compare Chrome Division to Motorhead. I listened to the new Chrome Division album very closely and only hear it on 1 song.

Luna: I donít mind the comparison as Motorhead is a great band. I do find a bit peculiar as there arenít really many parts that sound like Motorhead. We never talked about being like Motorhead. If there are any similarities it is by coincidence. I havenít done a single interview yet where the journalist hasnít compared us to Motorhead. I think you are the first to not hear what they think they are hearing which is good. This album is much more varied than Motorhead is. It is a good thing to be reminded of a really good band, but we donít try to copy them, it just isnít true. It is a bit strange though.

The Gauntlet: ďBooze, Broads, and BeelzebubĒ is a bit heavier than ďDoomsdayĒ was.

Luna: In the beginning, we were just continuing from the first album. We just loosened up a bit more and did what we wanted to. At least four of us are into heavy metal and come from heavy metal bands so it is just natural to incorporate a little more of that sound into the rock sound. I think the music is a bit stronger when you are capable of using more than one thing and not repeating yourself.

The Gauntlet: With most of the band having a metal background, do you ever have to pull back on the reigns and remind yourselves that Chrome Division is a rock band?

Luna: Yeah. We talked about some parts that were a bit too heavy and a bit too metal. It was just parts and not entire songs. We left some solos in that were heavy but after the solo it goes back to the rocking riffs. I donít think we are going to make a whole song that is thrash metal though, maybe just some parts. We are focused on the bands style though.

The Gauntlet: I heard there was a little controversy starting over the album cover?

Luna: Yeah, on the back of the cover. I heard in the shops there is a girl with a leather jacket on. She has nothing else on, but all you see is bare ass. I guess in the United States this is not allowed and there will now probably be a sticker on there covering her backside. The record company has already heard some reactions. This is very strange to us as we have always been allowed to show this nudity. She actually has underwear on but you donít see that and it looks like her bare ass.

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    July 25, 2008

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