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Tower of Rome Interview

Tower of Rome are one of Grind's short spoken band's, when speaking in duration of song they are not of any extent but rather concise to point with their fast blast and devastating mosh that puts the mind into psychotics. The band have recently completed numerous tours for their HeWhoCorrupts Inc. debut full length “All Is Lost All Is Lost All Is Yet To Be Found”. The band have numerous releases lined up including an EP on the label mentioned and a split with crack grinders Gun Kata. TheHXC spoke with Tower of Rome about their upcoming European trek as well as their upcoming releases and just what to expect on the full length. Are you guys still on tour?

Tower of Rome: We actually aren't playing any shows right now, we have our first European tour coming up in June. Where in Europe?

Tower of Rome: We'll be going Germany Poland, Austria, Amsterdam, France Belgium; we are trying to go to the U.K. too, that's just depending on how many weeks we can get. He who corrupts went out there last summer for a trial run to see what it would be like and so we will be going out next summer. Who are you hitting Europe with?

Tower of Rome: Just our selves, this guy in Europe set it up, Ryan Dirkin from HeWhoCorrputs set up their tour to Europe to see how it was going to be over there. There's this guy in Europe right now called BOOM EXPLODE and he's one of the biggest names in the Europe scene right now and does all the major booking for a lot of U.S. tours right now. Will the touring continue following the European trek?

Tower of Rome: Yeah, we are going back in August with Stand Before The Firing Squad. You guy have an EP coming up right?

Tower of Rome: Yeah we're doing the EP on HeWhoCorrupts Inc. it will be out in March some time we will be recording the songs for the EP in the first two weeks of December. What about the split with Gun Kata?

Tower of Rome: We have the split with Gun Kata which has been done for awhile now, it keeps getting pushed back and pushed back. The guy who was going to release it was going to put it out on a label in Canada but he couldn't do it, it was going to be on vinyl but now we are told it should be out in the next few weeks. Are you guys still taking the same short winded approach too the songs?

Tower of Rome: Well for the split most of the songs are like the full length, they are about under a minute, forty-five seconds to a minute, on our EP the songs will be longer, about a minute and fifteen but they will still be just as blast. Are there plans for a larger east coast tour around the N.Y. area?

Tower of Rome: Yeah, we are trying to get booking to come out to the N.Y. area with From A Second Story Window. With all of the material coming out do you have songs going for a full length?

Tower of Rome: Right now we are finishing the last song up for the EP and then we are working on the full length. We don't plan on releasing the full length until the summer because we are going to release the EP right before the European tour. Is HEWHOCORRUPTS INC. releasing the full length as well?

HEWHOCORRUPTS INC. is releasing the full length and EP. It's becoming a very big label and they are concentrating on expanding their catalog, Ryan and Andy are considered two of the biggest people in the underground grind scene right now and their label is going to be pretty big in the next year or two. Who helped you out with the booking for the east coast?

Tower of Rome: Derek From a Second Story Window helped us out with contacts on our first tour. Derek helped us out a lot, he’s trying to get himself into the industry as well with black market activities. Will there be more of the same type of song structuring with a lot of breakdowns and blasts?

Tower of Rome: We are trying to stray away from straight hardcore breakdowns and do more of something that’s full of chug but faster and full more discordant stuff and more brutal. That's the way we've been developing the new stuff, its definitely going to be more brutal like pig destroyer or Discordance axis, we don’t like the daughters comparison that we get. The new stuff is basically all of our new stuff on the new EP. Will there be the constant high itch vocals or will those be varied with the new material?

Tower of Rome: Our vocalist is going to be doing high vocals like the last CD but he’s going to be doing low growls too on the new stuff because he's been working on developing that portion, our bass player did all the low vocals on the full length and on tour but he doesn’t want to sing and play bass so it doesn’t take from the live shows so our vocalist will be doing all off the vocals now. So you guys are just chilling until the recording starts?

Tower of Rome: Yeah man we've jut been writing and chillin' and haven’t been playing a ton of shows. We've been playing with he who corrupts in Chicago. We're going to be doing more shows after December basically, after that we'll head out for January, February, March and April and may we plan on doing a lot shows.

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    October 31, 2005

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