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Korn Interview

The Gauntlet: How has your health been lately?

Jonathan: It's going good, everything has been really good.

The Gauntlet: You are now in your 2nd week of The Family Values Tour, how has it been so far?

Jonathan: Really well. They have all been sold out so far. We are really excited. We have been playing a lot of outdoor amphitheaters.

The Gauntlet: Were you personally involved in selecting the bands for the festival?

Jonathan: Yeah. We put the word out to see who was available. We were really stoke when we saw the Deftones weren't going out. We haven't been on tour with them in years. We love all the other bands like Stone Sour, Dir En Grey, Flyleaf, Deadsy and 10 Years.

The Gauntlet: So you are fans of each of these bands?

Jonathan: Yeah, totally. I love every one of them.

The Gauntlet: I hear there are some non-music side shows that change at each show?

Jonathan: Yeah, there is a village where there are baseball batting cages, a paintball field, and more. The stuff changes every time. There are places for kids to go hangout, get involved and buy stuff.

The Gauntlet: A few months ago, you asked fans what they wanted to be in the side shows. What were some of the submissions that didn't make it?

Jonathan: A lot wanted strip clubs and stuff like that. A lot of stuff we couldn't pull off for the same reasons.

The Gauntlet: I must applaud you for taking the initiative to find a way to make tickets affordable for people to buy.

Jonathan: Oh yeah�the cheap tickets. We made a deal with the promoter and a partnership with our label, EMI. We wanted to put on a good show that kids can afford.

The Gauntlet: Is this something we can expect in the future for Korn shows?

Jonathan: Oh yeah. We always try to keep the ticket prices low for the fans.

The Gauntlet: You also recently released a new DVD, "Live on the Other Side"

Jonathan: That was recorded last year at the start of our "See You On The Other Side" tour. It has a live show recorded at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. There is also has interviews with us and our crew. We played a performance on the plane from London to New York for the contest winners we flew over.

The Gauntlet: Was the plane performance over the airplanes PA with you singing karaoke style?

Jonathan: No, we chartered a big plane and we played in the bulk head. We set up a bunch of amps that were battery powered.

The Gauntlet: The stage at The Hammerstein Ballroom isn't the normal size arena stage Korn has been playing lately. Did you have to scale any of the shows production down for it?

Jonathan: No, we got our production in. We had a special production for that show, but we were able to get everything we wanted in. It was really cool. It was more of a show for our fans.

The Gauntlet: I really enjoy the extra steps Korn has been taking to ensure the fans are #1 above making money. The band really seems to be going out of its way for the fans.

Jonathan: Thanks, it's awesome.

The Gauntlet: Has the band begun writing for the next album?

Jonathan: Yeah, we did two or three tours for the last album where we wrote stuff and we are working on more stuff out here. We are going to keep working on stuff after The Family Values Tour and get in the studio soon to record it and get it done.

The Gauntlet: Will Korn continue writing songs for a 4-piece or consider becoming a 5-piece band again?

Jonathan: A 4-piece.

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    August 07, 2006

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