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Rumpelstiltskin Grinder Interview

Fine thrash metal still exists today, you just have to look for it, and in this case you'll probably find it burying dead carcasses in the yard of a house.

Rumpelstiltskin Grinder come out of nowhere with their own rendition of that classic sound that band's like Cryptic Slaughter, Slayer, and Overkill had people bashing their heads together over.

Their debut Relapse release "Buried In The Front Yard" is a reminiscent of all these things and more, an album that thrashes unmercifully while not taking itself seriously.

The Gauntlet had a talk with Rumpelstiltskin Grinder about just how to go about burying someone in a front yard by way of violent thrashing metal...

The Gauntlet: How did the signing to Relapse come about?

Eli Shaika: The signing of RsG to Relapse was the result of two things. . .us melting faces in the live setting, and Matt Jacobson of Relapse Records
being in the right place at the right time. Lucky for him, we were decimating the stage right as he arrived at the club and purchased his beer. Our terrifying onslaught caught his attention from the very
beginning, and he practically begged us to be on his label. After about a case of beers and a goat full of whiskey, we finally agreed to his asking price. . .7 hundred thousand dollars. Hell, we make that in a
week in stolen televisions and ipods, but there was just something likeable about that dude, and his label as well. I think we hit it off so well because we are both known and wanted criminals.

The Gauntlet: When did Rumpelstiltskin Grinder form?

Eli Shaika: The band formed in the early parts of the new milenium. . .around 2002 I think. It has certainly been a long road since then. A road filled with broads, brews, and 'boardin' (that's short for skateboarding son!) Since the bands inception, we have always lived. . .and died. . .by the 3 B's. Matt, Pat, and Ryan started the squadron of doom, and then recruited shawn and myself to round out the guild of thieves. I've been lifting cars and ripping off purses with these dudes for as long as I can remember, so shit just made sense.

The Gauntlet: From what other projects are members from RsG from?

Eli Shaika: We've been around this music for a while, so we have all dabbled in other works of demon mayhem. Ryan, Matt, and Pat were all at one time members of Solace in the Shadows and Evil Divine, two melodic black/death acts in the PA area. Some good shit came from those bands, I'll tell you! Matt, Pat, and i were also associated with the kult wrecking crew Witchaven, proveyers of true music indeed! After hanging out in the scene together so long, we decided to finally kick out the thrash...RsG is now our main focus, although Matt still man's his porno grind sex fiasco XXX Maniak.

The Gauntlet: You guys are playing a few dates with Exhumed, are there larger tour plans for RsG afterwards?

Eli Shaika:Larger tour plans? Hell yeah! 2006 will be the year of the 'Grinder! We are going to be sweeping our way up and down the east coast for the rest of this year, but expect big things early on after the ball drops jan 1st. We're planning on getting out west, down south, and even overseas. We will leave a trail of ghost towns and pregnant teens in our wake!

The Gauntlet: What would you say some of your old school thrash influences are? I hear alot of Cryptic Slaughter influence on "Buried In The Front Yard".

Eli Shaika: There's a lot of shit thrown into the RsG cement mixer man. We have all grown up loving bands like Metallica, King Diamond, and Slayer. Some of us are really into shit like Anthrax and SOD as well. . .so you can see where the cross-over sound can creep in there. As much as we are considered a thrash band, the guys have a lot of other influences too, shit like black metal, death metal, crust and punk. . .all sorts of shit. But for me man, I take most influence from bands like SOD. Adding sense of humor with pure aggression has always been something the Orange and Black Attack sweats!

The Gauntlet: Given members are from other grind bands, what inspired you
guys to team up to create more of an old school thrash oriented band?

Eli Shaika: Well, like I said before man, we all love different types of metal, and music in general. I don't think there was ever a decision to become a superior criminal thrash entity, it kind of just came out that way. Layers of doom and skulls continued to change the sound until it was a fucking force of fire and death!

The Gauntlet: Given the duration of the songs off your full length and there are many, are there more songs ready for another full length?

Eli Shaika: We are constantly thinking of new ideas to incorporate in our quest to cover the world in our dark theivery! We have some new songs that we are debuting to our live audience, and they can do nothing but cower in their wake. I don't see a new full length in the super near future, but I do see some releases and perhaps some collaborations with fellow conspiritors of the fucking THRASH!!!

The Gauntlet: Is RG a full time project for you guys now?

Eli Shaika: Rumpelstiltskin Grinder is a fucking lifestyle man. We are the bearers of the mark of the Rumpelstiltskin, and for that, we are dedicated to a life of thievery and consumption! We bleed Orange and Black, and will forever uphold our position as the greatest criminal thrash quintent in the history of the world! Kill doubters, bang whores!

The Gauntlet: Do you believe there should be more thrash oriented bands?

Eli Shaika: Thrash is making a fucking comeback man! With bands like RsG, Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust, and Watch them Die all putting out records this year, it certainly bodes well for the fucking hessians man. I think the enegery and fun of old school thrash is fucking appealing to the kids these days. Cats are sick of the same old "gudda dunt, dunt dunt dunt gudda dunt" shit. It's going back to beers, chicks, stealing, and FUN! FUCKING THRASH!!! AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGG!

The Gauntlet: That's all on my end, is there anything you would like to

Eli Shaika: The Orange and Black attack is forever growing! Join our forces now or be lost in a sea of pickpockets and skateboarders! If you are looking
to be part of our next heist, hit up the site and become a fucking member of our elite, tactical squadron of crime! Hold onto your wallets pussies! Keep it criminal, and keep it thrash!

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    November 10, 2005

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