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Happy Birthday Brutal Brandy

Abe Vigoda (Celebrate) Today is The Gauntlet scribe Brandy Jarrett's birthday. I know I've given her a lot of shit over the 18 long and agonizing months she's been with us, but I just wanted to take some time to say "Happy Birthday Brandy!" Brandy is now 30 years old, which for a single woman with kid, she's pretty much fucked. But Happy Birthday Brandy! Just a warning to guys that frequent clubs in Texas; beware, a 30 year old Brandy is on the prowl. I can only imagine how challenging it must be for an aging woman such as Brandy to date as everything is going to start moving South. Clothes that fit last week will no longer fit next week. Brandy turning 30 will cause even more black men to date white women. Anyway, Happy Birthday Brandy!

Hope you enjoy your cake!

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    October 26, 2011

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