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BEHEMOTH Frontman Removed From Polish TV Show Due To Church Demands

Behemoth (2009) Poland's state TV network has caved to demands by the child-molesting, infant selling Roman Catholic church and promised not to re-employ a "death metal" rock star on The Voice Of Poland.

"In connection with press reports about Adam Darski's behavior during a recent Warsaw club concert... his provocative behavior showed a lack of respect for religious convictions, as well as for the sick and handicapped," Polish TV's president, Juliusz Braun, said on 13 October.

The statement was issued after reports that Darski, whose stage name is Nergal, had appeared as a priest and pretended to cure a handicapped person during a Warsaw concert by his band, BEHEMOTH.

We all know Jesus and the church has the monopoly on guys in strange clothing taking money for false cures to put on a show. Somehow I think Nergal is just laughing about all this as once again he has proven the hypocrisies of the church.

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    October 18, 2011

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