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SLASH And Perla Renew Wedding Vows

Slash Personally, I blame the tabloids for this. Celebrities nowadays either need to adopt a baby from a third world nation or get married to get press. Simply being in two platinum selling and iconic rock bands is no longer enough. So why shouldn't Slash and Perla (ex-Hustler model) renew their vows? Mariah Carey did it, Tori Spelling did it, and Heidi Klum did it.

It was only one year ago when Slash (aka Saul Hudson) filed divorce papers in Los Angeles citing irreconcilable differences. Slash never had Perla sign a pre-nup when the couple wed ten years earlier. The divorce was expected to get really nasty and Slash hired a top divorce publicist to put out any fires, but just two months later, love was back in the air and the pair called everything off.

SLASH and Perla Hudson renewed their wedding vows yesterday (August 29) for their 10-year anniversary. The celebration included their beautiful two sons--London (9), who gave away the bride, and Cash (6), who was the best man--the family dog Foxy (11) as flowergirl, and a close circle of precious friends.

I hope the couple have many more happy years together. I wonder what Slash thinks of having Fred Durst's leftovers?
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    August 30, 2011

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