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The Gauntlet Talks To MUNICIPAL WASTE Vocalist About The New Album

Municipal Waste (2011) The Gauntlet spoke with MUNICIPAL WASTE singer Tony Foresta early this week about the bands upcoming Nuclear Blast Records debut. "The album is coming out fuckin' great man! We did the drum tracks in New Jersey and the drums sound fucking sick. Phil just finished his tracks. We will lay everything down in Richmond. It will be awesome."

Municipal Waste has been away from recording and touring for over a year now. "We took a year off to write the album. It wasn't just for that though. We have been doing this band full speed for so many years now. We needed to take a fucking break and hang out in Richmond for a while. It is working out great. We have been writing for about a year now, but the last four months we have been going really hard. We have never put this much effort into our writing before. It is pretty exciting. We always want to write a better album than our last."

Municipal Waste will be releasing the album through Nuclear Blast Records after spending several years with Earache Records. "It is really important for our band to progress and Nuclear Blast will help us do that. It is a new beginning for us with this label and it has allowed us to take our time with the album and do it right without rushing anything. We don't have to kill ourselves to get this album out by a certain date. When it is ready it will come out."

A lot of bands when allowed to take their time in the studio end up over producing and releasing a very polished metal album. "It is funny you bring that up. We were smart about that. When Metallica took a year to record, they released an album that wasn't awesome. We keep that in mind when we are writing and recording. We wrote a bunch of songs and took our time to nitpick at them. Then two weeks before we went into the studio we just made up a bunch of shit the way we used to. We took the best stuff that came out of that, and there was some really cool stuff. We basically took the best of everything and I think the old fans will find more to like about this album than the last album. It is more like a classic Waste album than anything."

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    August 19, 2011

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