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DISTURBED On Hiatus Because The Music Industry Sucks

Disturbed (2010) Billboard Magazine is reporting that Disturbed frontman David Draiman says the band's upcoming hiatus is not at all the result of any strife between the four band members.

"This is really not due to any animosity -- I want to make that very clear," Draiman tells "In fact, we just had dinner together last night. Believe me, it's not like we can't work with each other any more or we don't get along. This isn't a bad blood thing, and I don't ever want people to get that impression of it."

Rather, Draiman says, Disturbed has decided to "go away for... an indefinite period of time" after its current run on the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival just because he and his mates feel "it's just the right time to step away for awhile" after five studio albums -- four of which have debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 -- and worldwide sales of more than 13 million.

"Many of those reasons are personal reasons, and many of those reasons have to do with the state of the music industry in general and the demise of hard rock and metal right now," Draiman, who's getting married in September, explains. "The industry is still in a state of reformation; it is on the verge of collapse, in my opinion. It's a frightening time, and I think after 10 to 12 years straight of touring it's just a good time for Disturbed to go away for awhile and wait for the Phoenix to rise from the ashes."

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    August 03, 2011

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