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RORSCHACH Announce West Coast Tour

RORSCHACH have returned.

In the summer of 2011, these seminal hardcore legends will return to the West Coast for the first time in 20 years, playing material spanning their discography from their earliest recordings all the way up to their Protestant LP. Formed in 1989, ended in 1993, then resurrected in 2009, RORSCHACH blended visceral hardcore with metallic fury and jagged dissonance, pioneering the original metalcore sound. Their vicious intensity and vocalist Charles Maggio's unearthly howl cemented their place amongst hardcore's elite, and went on to inspire countless discordant metal/hardcore hybrid bands across the globe.

"While their first album, Remain Sedate, was a solid continuation of the punk/metal hybrid set forth by bands like Siege and Septic Death, their follow-up album, Protestant, created a whole new standard for both technical ability and sonic ugliness. The album abandons the power chord thrash of their earlier work in favor of dissonant plucked riffs and sophisticated instrument interplay. Rorschach took death metal’s dexterity and Voivod's dark prog and filtered it into a hardcore context. The band dissolved in ’93, but they inspired a whole new generation of hardcore bands to dig deeper into darker territory while pushing for stronger musicianship." - The Stranger

When RORSCHACH called it quits in 1993, its members went on to participate in other projects, most notably the groundbreaking Deadguy, Kiss It Goodbye, and Shai Hulud, while Maggio busied himself running Gern Blandsten Records.
All of that changed in 2009, though, when the original lineup reunited and returned to the north east, playing to enthusiastic crowds ( ) and earning rave reviews. The New Yorker gushed “there was something faintly magical about seeing those five guys flailing away up there,” and fans welcomed the band back with open arms and raised fists.
Now, they're back once more, and are heading West for a short run of dates that will take them from Seattle down to San Francisco. Check out the dates below:

Fri 8/19 – Seattle WA @ El Corazon (all ages + bar w/i.d.)
Sat 8/20 – Portland OR @ Branx (all ages + bar w/i.d.)
Wed 9/14 - San Diego CA @ Che Cafe (all ages)
Thu 9/15 - Los Angeles, CA @ The BLVD (all ages + bar w/i.d.)
Fri 9/16 - Berkeley, CA @ Gilman St (all ages)
Sat 9/17 - San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside (all ages +bar w/i.d.)


Keith Huckins - Guitar
Andrew Gormley - Drums
Nick Forte - Guitar
Thomas Rusnak - Bass
Charles Maggio - Vocals

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    August 02, 2011

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