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After a long delay Black metal documentary “Out of the Black” releases Lineup

After a 9 month delay fraught with production delays and financial woes the long awaited Black metal documentary, titled, “Out of the Black” is back on track. The producers of the project plan on making a full independent release sometime in the Fall or Winter of 2011. The project will partially focus on the roots of Black metal and the influence of American Death metal and Thrash.
Executive Producer, Will Shackleford said “it’s almost like this production is cursed. We have had every single kind of issue you could think of; personal, professional, you name it, it’s happened”. Shackleford, a political blogger and lead guitarist - vocalist for the Christian Black metal band Inchained, says the production seems to be back on track. “I hope we are in the home stretch with this thing. We shifted the original focus a bit and concentrated, partially, on the opinions of those outside of the Black metal scene. We interviewed some of the godfathers of Death metal and Thrash to get their opinion on the origins of the sound of Black metal.”
Death of Desire guitarist Pablo C. Vergara 'A.K.A - Morbid', who also serves as a Co-Producer for the project added “I’d like to say that I am proud to be a part of this film, not only did I have the chance to meet with real extreme Black metal bands on the West Coast of the U.S., but I also had the opportunity of co-direct this movie along with Stefan Rydehed and William Shackleford, both talented filmmakers.” “We never really stopped working, this kind of project takes some time in the making, especially since all 3 directors were working in different states and even separate continents.“
Morbid’s Black metal project Death of Desire, which features Hell Hammer on percussion and plans on adding Wes Cage, A.K.A Arcane, on Keyboards, have completed their first full length album 'ANTIhuman' and we'll be releasing it worldwide in the near future.
Co-Producer, and Artistic Director for the project is Swedish Producer Stefan Rydehed of the Pure Fucking Mayhem documentary and other works.
The project will also feature Weston Cage, A.K.A – Arcane, of Eyes of Noctum and Death of Desire. The producers say they will focus on the music of Eyes of Noctum not his recent legal woes.
The documentary will feature: (Crimson Moonlight) - Simon "Pilgrim Beastarius" Rosén, (Domgård) - Grim Vindkall, (Cannibal Corpse) - George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, Alex Webster, Paul Mazurkiewicz, (Exodus) - Gary Holt, Rob Dukes, (Svarttjern) – HansFurste, (Nader Sadek - Ex- Morbid Angel) - Steve Tucker, (Eyes of Noctum) - Weston Cage, (Death of Desire) – Morbid, Dawn Desiree, (Deicide, Order of Ennead) - Steve Asheim.
For a complete lineup, updates and news please visit the Out of the Black Facebook page below.

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    July 21, 2011

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