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GWAR Quietly Kicked Off Fox News

GWAR is reporting that GWAR frontman, Oderus Urungus, has been laid off his gig as interplanetary correspondent on Fox News' Red Eye.

Since the dawn of GWAR, the band has been making statements about politics by decapitating replicas of politicians during their live shows.

Now, after performing the act on a prop version of Sarah Palin during their last tour, lead singer Oderus Urungus is no longer able to appear on Fox News’ Red Eye, hosted by Greg Gutfeld, because of negative backlash from right wing conservatives.

Urungus turned to his Twitter page to seek support from his fans.

He tweets:
“I got canned because Sarah Palin complained that we disemboweled her. The nerve of that woman!”


“Sound off like you got a pair if you think it sucks that I am not on Red Eye anymore!”


Despite appearing on Red Eye semi-regularly, Urungus stopped receiving calls to be asked back. After trying to get in contact with the studio for months, he was finally able to discover the truth.

While passing through New York on a tour with GWAR, Urungus sat down with Gutfeld, shared a few beers, and found out he was no longer invited back to Red Eye because of the band’s treatment of the mock Palin.

During their discussion, Gutfeld expressed surprise at Urungus’ dismissal, but led the GWAR front man to believe the execution of a fake Sarah Palin upset Fox's higher ups enough to remove him from the show.

Even though they’ve been beheading politicians for years, FOX never seemed to be bothered by the activity, even the decapitation of Obama, until poor Sarah Palin was attacked.

Hopefully we’ll see Urungus restored to his rightful spot on television soon enough.

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    July 20, 2011

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