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DICK DELICIOUS AND THE TASTY TESTICLES Featured Band On Gauntlet TV And Add Jizzrags To Webstore

Dick Delicious One of The Gauntlet's favorite bands, Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles has just launched a line of women's and men's clothing. And by line of clothing, we mean a couple t-shirts and a hat. Just remember, chicks dig guys in hats; just look at the play Ashton Kutcher gets. Aside from clothing, they are also the first band I am aware of to sell jizzrags. It is probably just an oversight, but they should really sell these in bulk as Dick D fans jerk off more than most other metal fans. Check out their webstore here.

Gauntlet TV is also featuring "Viagrivated Assault" off the band's new album "A VULGAR DISPLAY OF OBSCURITY" which is already at the top of most critics list for next years Grammy Award in the 'Best Rock' category.

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    June 29, 2011

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