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UNEARTH Frontman Comments On The Band's Drummer Situation

Unearth (2009) In a recent interview with Shauna O'Donnell of MUEN Magazine, UNEARTH Frontman Trevor Phipps commented on the bands drummer situation. "Justin is going on the tour. He is going on Mayhem and then we head over to Europe to headline a tour and he is going on that as well. Justin is definitely the guy for the summer. With Derek our last drummer, we are still friends with him and his leaving the band was based only on his personal taste in music. The March was more groove/ rock and we wanted to go heavier. We started to write this record last summer and we just weren’t gelling with him. After our tour that fall we just told him, we said “Hey look man, it’s not working out.” He’s a great drummer and a great dude, but he has different projects going on so we told him to focus on those and we will find a drummer for us that can play more extreme and actually wants to play more extreme."

Unearth will be headlining the Jager Stage at this summers Mayhem Fest and will be releasing its' fifth studio album "Darkness In The Light" on July 5th via Metal Blade Records.

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    June 20, 2011

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