British Student Who Links To Copyrighted Material Has Domain Seized By ICE And Now Facing U.S. Extradition

RIAA The U.S. world police force (aka ICE) are at it again. This is what happens when five former RIAA lawyers end up working for the Department of Justice.

Twenty-three year old British student Richard O'Dwyer had his website seized in one of the recent ICE domain raids and is now facing extradition to the U.S. for his crimes. His website, was hosted in the UK and had no copyrighted material at all, just links to popular tv shows which in the UK is completely legal to do.

A source close to Richard said: "He's in total disbelief over the charges against him and very anxious about the impact this may have on his studies since he has two years left of his degree. He's daunted and frightened by the prospect of being extradited to America let alone the disruption to his career."

His mother Julia O'Dwyer said the decision to put him on trial in the US was 'madness'.

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Date: Jun 18, 2011
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