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SLIPKNOT Play First Show Without Bassist

Slipknot (2008) On June 17th SLIPKNOT played the band's first show without bassist Paul Gray at the Sonisphere Festival in Athens, Greece. According to a review at the official Sonisphere festivals website "There was no doubt Paul Gray was very much still with his Slipknot family tonight as the band returned to the live stage for the first time since his sudden and tragic death last year. Standing symbolically at the back of the stage was their fallen brother’s red jumpsuit, his mask and his bass guitar alongside his band mates, who also turned the clock back to don matching red jumpsuits and old school style masks.

Even before they stepped onto the Apollo Stage the chants for ‘Slipknot’ were deafening and there was no doubt this was going to be a momentous occasion.In glorious Greek sunshine the Iowa rockers exploded onto the stage with all the energy of panther in heat to kick off their set at breakneck pace with ‘(Sic)’.There was never any doubt frontman Taylor would take a moment to mark the enormity and significance of the occasion and when he did the 25,000 strong Athens crowd hushed to silence – hanging on his every word.'It’s been a long time,' mused Taylor almost apologetically."

Frontman Corey Taylor addressed the loss of Gray and the band's return to the stage:

"As you know tonight is very emotional show for us but it is not, NOT, a negative day. It is a positive day. A day for celebration. This is our first show – with you. Are you having a good time and will you celebrate with us today? This is very hard for us but he would have wanted us to come out with you all and celebrate his life.“So will you all help me sing a song for my brother? Can you do that Athens? Sing so loud so he can hear us because he is here with us tonight. Can you feel it?"

Click here for a complete recap of the show.

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    June 18, 2011

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