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PRIMEVIL Changes Name

Primevil members Jeff Dunn (Venom), Anthony Lant, and Tony Dolan have announced today they are changing the bands name from Primevil to Mpire Of Evil. This is a pretty cool move on the bands part and they deserve props for this. Another band named 'Prime Evil' decided to reform so the new 'Primevil' politely stepped aside.

Commented the group: "It was brought to our attention that a band who named themselves after our sixth VENOM album, 'Prime Evil', had decided to get back together after we had announced our intentions. We had already signed our deal with Scarlet and had appearances booked but we have decide to cancel those shows as our belief is that EVERY band should have a chance and we do not wish to exclude anyone so we have made this change. We apologize to the Venoms Legions and fans who chose our name but we hope you support this/our decision.., and so... welcome to the MPIRE OF EVIL!"

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    June 14, 2011

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