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Lords of Acid Seeks Listener Input for Forthcoming Album

Maurice Engelen (2011) Lords of Acid, the Belgian electro-industrial outfit fronted by the legendary Praga Khan, is taking fan interaction to an entirely new level by working directly with fans on song themes and ultimately picking a listener suggested album title.

The concept came from Khan himself who is an unwavering believer in fan interaction as is evidenced by his recently launched crowd funded SonicAngel label group. While Khan has always sought fan opinion, technology had not allowed him to previously look outside his circle of friends and band mates when the band released their last full-length album, 2001's Farstucker. With the advent of Facebook ( and Twitter (, Khan has been able to speak directly with listeners and incorporate their ideas.

Lords of Acid are set to release their first album on Metropolis Records in early 2012 with an EP, Mighty Little Rabbit, coming this Fall. The band formed in 1988 with their biggest selling album being Voodoo-U, which was recently certified gold (sales in excess of 500,000 copies) in the U.S.

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    May 06, 2011

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