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IMMERSED Sign With Unique Leader Records

We are very pleased to announce Canada extreme metal outfit Immersed joins the ever growing Unique Leader Records army for multi-album deal.

Formed in 2008 by Mike Chambers (guitar), Stefan Kushneriuk (drums), Stephan Meloche (guitar) and Mark Phillips (Vocals), Immersed broke into the death metal scene with their three-track self-titled demo. 2010 saw the addition of Gareth Allix (bass) which led to Immersed teaming up with Chris Bradley and Christian Donaldson (Garage Studios) to begin work on their first full-length album "In The Ire Of Creation." Fusing elements from death metal and black metal, Immersed are determined to spread their brand of brutal, blackened death metal worldwide. In 2011 new members Aaron Homma (guitar) and Matt Milford (Bass) joined the fold, thus introducing Immersed fastest, most technical line up to date!

"In The Ire Of Creation" will be available worldwide August 2nd.

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    April 20, 2011

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