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DEMONAZ Reveals Tracklisting

March Of The Norse, the first black metal solo album by Demonaz - the founding guitarist & lyricist of Norway’s IMMORTAL - will be available in North America on May 17th.

The track listing for the jewel-cased version of the album is as follows:

01 – Northern Hymn
02 – All Blackened Sky
03 – March Of The Norse
04 – A Son Of The Sword
05 – Where Gods Once Rode
06 – Under The Great Fires
07 – Over The Mountains
08 – Ode To Battle
09 – Legends Of Fire And Ice

The special digi-pak version of March Of The Norse will have different artwork and include the extra track “Dying Sun.”

Listen to the track "All Blackened Sky" here.

Demonaz and Abbath formed IMMORTAL in 1990. In 1997, Demonaz had to stop playing guitar live because of arm problems. Ever since, he’s continued to be involved musically, writing the lyrics on every IMMORTAL album and is considered a legend among black metal fans.

March Of The Norse is the first solo album by an artist who has been involved in many influential albums that metal fans around the world consider to be classics of the genre.

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    April 13, 2011

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