The Dungeon Awaits podcast, brought to you by The Gauntlet, has been taken off the air, and host Daniel Dungeon has been fired. We won't get into the boring specifics of the termination, but from what I hear, it involves two dildos, a goat, and a ham sandwich with extra mayo.

The Gauntlet called Daniel Dungeon for a comment but he seemed to be taking the news very hard as he never answered the phone. We can only surmise that he is drinking heavily and starring down the barrel of a loaded shotgun upon hearing the news of his termination. Listeners will be happy to know, The Dungeon Awaits podcast will now be broadcast by KXRX in WA, and will still be available live to those outside WA state via the internet. The first broadcast will be tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 6pm PST.

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Date: Apr 04, 2011
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