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SHINING Leave Indie Recordings

SHINING founder Niklas Kvarforth announced today that the band has parted company with label Indie Recordings, and has instead signed with Spinefarm Records. The frontman, who late last month announced that he was quitting all his other projects, with the exception of Maniac's SKITLIV, so that he could concentrate on Shining, is keen to stress that the parting from Indie is completely amicable explaining that

“There is absolutely no bad blood between Shining and Indie Recordings. We sat down together and talked everything through, and everyone came to the conclusion that the best way for Shining to grow and develop would be to sign the band to a label with the size and experience of Spinefarm. I would like to thank Indie for putting the interests of the band first and allowing this to deal to happen.”

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    April 02, 2011

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