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Decapitated "are half-way through guitar tracking"

Decapitated (Wacek Kietltyka) Polish technical death metallers Decapitated are still working at Radio Gdarisk Studio in Poland. Band guitarist Wacek "Vogg" Kieltyka has checked in from the studio:

"Hi Everyone,
We are half-way through with guitar tracking. All is going according to the plan and in a few days we are starting with the bass. The guitars sound heavy yet very selective. I must admit we have come up with a very original sound that in my opinion resembles 'black storm clouds.' Heinrich [bassist] is coming to the studio the day after tomorrow and we will crack on with the bass then. Malta is a very demanding engineer and he is controlling the whole situation meticulously. The new material is beginning to take its shape and it is getting more and more interesting. Take it easy folks!"

Song titles include:
-Riff 1 Clean
-Fast One (Need More!!!)
-7 Idea
-Witek Idea
-Chilis Assasin
-Clean Song

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    March 02, 2011

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